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Domains & Hosting

Domain Registration

If you're aspiring to create a professional website, you'll need a suitable and memorable domain name (i.e. the name before the, .com, .net etc.). This is one of the first things you should consider when starting a new web development project as the domain name you choose will no doubt influence your website's name and logo.

To check whether your desired domain name is available or not, type it into the box below and click 'Go' (please note that this will take you to an external site -

Once you have found the perfect domain name, it is important that you register it as soon as possible (before someone else does), especially if you have already registered your company name. JAH Web Development recommends purely because they offer a reliable service and are good value for money.

Cost of Domain Registration & Setup

The cost of the actual domain name varies depending upon the domain extension you choose. Please see the domain pricing on for the latest prices. Please note that these prices DO NOT include VAT and that certain domain extensions have to be purchased for a minimum 2 year period.

If you would like JAH Web Development to register a domain on your behalf, you can expect to incur around half an hour in labour costs (i.e. £15) for the purchase and full configuration of your domain.

Web Hosting

Once your website is ready to go live, you will need to think about web hosting (a remote server that stores all your web pages and other content). There are plenty of free web hosting packages available, but they are generally supported by displaying some kind of advertising on each page of your site. You may also find that you already have some free hosting available from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but you will be unable to link this to your domain name and will either have to place an automatic redirect on your domain (web forwarding), or load your ISP hosting inside a frame so it appears that your site content is held at your purchased domain.

If you are after a more professional solution and looking to include more advanced features on your website (such as contact forms, forums, videos, databases etc.) you will need to purchase a web hosting package. All web hosting packages have limitations (such as how much data can be stored on the server and how much can be downloaded by your visitors each month).

Cost of Web Hosting & Setup

JAH Web Development can offer you reliable and high-quality web hosting from just £40 a year (that's less than £3.50 a month).

Whenever possible, your website will be hosted on the server whilst it is under contruction. This will allow you to review work in progress and show it to others for critical feedback. Please note however that this hosting is only temporary, and that the site will be moved to your own hosting once the final invoice has been paid.

If you would like JAH Web Development to take care of hosting arrangements on your behalf, you can expect it to incur up to an hour in labour costs (i.e. £30).