It's all change here at JAH Web Development. I have now merged with the highly-creative Torch Design to form Lumous – a brand new web and graphic design agency offering a full range of design, web, print and digital marketing services. For more information and to see some recent examples of our work, please visit our new website,

Website Maintenance

Once your new website is up and running, you'll almost certainly want to make changes to it from time to time. Perhaps you'll want to post updates to a news page (so your visitors know the site is active and you're still trading), or perhaps you'll want to add additional pages and content to the site.

JAH Web Development can carry out ongoing maintenance without any monthly/annual fees. You will simply be charged by the minute for any work carried out and invoiced once the outstanding balance reaches £50 or once 6 months have passed since your last invoice.

In addition, I can provide tools that allow you to make minor updates to your site without having to alter any code (either through a Content Management System (CMS) or a free blogging service like Blogger). Please ask for further details.

Please don't hesitate to contact me and arrange your free consultation and estimate of cost with absolutely no obligation.