It's all change here at JAH Web Development. I have now merged with the highly-creative Torch Design to form Lumous – a brand new web and graphic design agency offering a full range of design, web, print and digital marketing services. For more information and to see some recent examples of our work, please visit our new website,

Web Development

There is a fair bit of overlap between the web design and web development processes, but essentially web development is more concerned with the actual building of your website and the behind-the-scenes programming that adds advanced functionality to your website, making it easy to use and delivering what users expect from a modern professional website.

The amount of web development needed for your project will be almost entirely determined by your functional requirements (established during the initial consultation). In general terms, web development encompasses any elements of your website that aren't just static text and images. Typical examples include:

  • Contact and feedback forms (example)
  • Dynamic image galleries (example)
  • Video deployment (example)
  • Search functionality (example)
  • E-commerce shopping baskets & checkout solutions (example)
  • Adobe Flash animation (example)
  • Content Mangement or blog integration (example)
  • User login and messaging systems (example)
  • Availability & booking calendars (example)

Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list - JAH Web Development can almost certainly meet any requirements you may have. Please contact me for further information.

Cost of Web Development

The cost of web development can only be estimated once a full set of requirements have been established. Essentially, it will depend upon the amount of content (and number of pages) you wish to deploy and any advanced functionality (like those listed above) you wish to include.

Please don't hesitate to contact me and arrange your free consultation and estimate of cost with absolutely no obligation.