It's all change here at JAH Web Development. I have now merged with the highly-creative Torch Design to form Lumous – a brand new web and graphic design agency offering a full range of design, web, print and digital marketing services. For more information and to see some recent examples of our work, please visit our new website,

JAH Web Development Services

Domains & Hosting

If you're aspiring to create a professional website, you'll need a suitable and memorable domain name (i.e. the name before the, .com, .net etc.). This is one of the first things you should consider when starting a new web development project as the domain name you choose will no doubt influence your website's name and logo... more

Web Design

If you're struggling with ideas for your new website design or you're not sure exactly what you want, I can arrange a free consultation and simply ask you a few questions to establish what you do and don't like in the world of web design. Once I have a good feel for what you're after, I can create a unique design template just for you and then work from there... more

Web Development

There is a fair bit of overlap between the web design and web development processes, but essentially web development is more concerned with the actual building of your website and the behind-the-scenes programming that adds advanced functionality to your website, making it easy to use and delivering what users expect from a modern professional website... more

Website Maintenance

Once your new website is up and running, you'll almost certainly want to make changes to it from time to time. Perhaps you'll want to post updates to a news page (so your visitors know the site is active and you're still trading), or perhaps you'll want to add additional pages and content to the site... more

Website Promotion (SEO) & Email Marketing

Any website developed by JAH Web Development will be built with full SEO in mind. I use standards compliant Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict mark-up with CSS to ensure all websites are search engine friendly and I test them in a text browser to see the website as a search engine would see it... more